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Buikwe District Development Fund (ICEIDA)



A Development partnership has been okayed by the Government of Uganda where the Icelandic international development agency ( ICEIDA) will support livelihood improvement projects for the fishing communities in 4 sub-counties in Buikwe district.

ICEIDA is the development funding agency of ICELAND  a European country with strong development cooperation with developing countries including Uganda. The agency previously supported Kalangala and Mukono among other district with lake populations in Uganda.

Under the ICEIDA - Buikwe partnership which will initially be implemented for 3 years effective January 2014, livelihood implement support will go to the fishing communities of Ssi, Ngogwe, Najja and Nyenga sub-counties.

major intervention activities will include fisheries development, education including functional Adult literacy ( FAL), Health services including water and sanitation.

Environment and Gender will be cross cutting issues to be addressed in the intervention.

Fishermen at Ssenyi landing site: ICEIDA partnership aims at improving their livelihoods.

The district will be the implementing partner for the co-operation. Following information by the government, okaying the partnership, consultative meetings have been hold between ICEIDA and the Buikwe district officials to agree on the project implementation modalities. Both sides have also formed a joint technical committee team that will spearhead the implementation.